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Why This Major University Chose Mobile to Boost Donations


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Colleges and university development departments need to use every possible technology tool to raise money in such a competitive environment. The most successful new tool introduced in the last ten years is donating by mobile phone.

You might ask why?

Today’s alumni don’t have landlines or checkbooks, but they want to donate if it’s convenient.

That’s why San Francisco State University chose to use Give by Cell and our mobile technology at their 2019 Annual Gala.

“It’s so convenient. Our donors don’t have to remember a confusing web address,” reports Brittany Yantos, Director of Annual Giving. Yantos finds that the conjunction of people all together in one place creates positive peer pressure to donate. Nearly $22,000 was raised in one day.

Give by Cell has been serving the college and university market for ten years, including organizations like San Diego State University and Dillard University.

Mobile technology is the most effective fundraising solution today. Sign up for a free demo by clicking the button below to see if mobile giving can increase your donations this fall.


Why This Major University Chose Mobile to Boost Donations

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