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What No One Is Telling You About Mobile Fundraising

Give by Cell has provided mobile services to more than 3,000 NPOs – we have learned what works and doesn’t work. I want to share the three important ways to succeed regarding the use of mobile services by NPOs.

  1. You need two mobile giving services in your back pocket.
    a. Mobile Give ($5/$10/$25 charged to donor’s cell phone bill) for big events where entering credit card information is not practical and you need to get the entire donation done in 30 seconds.
    b. Mobile Donate when you think the audience can donate more than $25 and has the 2-3 minutes it takes to enter the fields in a mobile credit card form.
  2. For live events, our Fundraising Thermometer service adds an interactive dimension. Every client who has used this has said it has greatly increased the excitement and increased the funds raised since every pledge or donation moves the thermometer in real-time towards the evening’s goal.
  3. Many successful clients use our mobile text messaging or mobile web site service INSTEAD of making a direct donation request to increase engagement with their key audience. The texting services can be used to:
    a. Build your email list. Ask attendees to text in their email address to enter a contest, and join your email mailing list.
    b. Build emotional support first before asking for a donation. Ask attendees to text in to get a link to watch a touching video on their phone. Perhaps the attendee reads a bit and then completes a short quiz about the specific fundraising need. After the video or quiz the person can then click a link to donate on their phone (using our Mobile Donate service). Many charities think just because they offer a mobile way to donate, that people will rush to do so. Often this fails. They first need to make their case, and sharing content using our Mobile Web service is the ideal way to do this. Then ask for the donation!

Mobile services are not going away. For many people, mobile phones are replacing a desktop and using a checkbook. And this is not just a trend Millennials are experiencing – we are all using our phones to do more and more. Did you know that over 50% of web hits are from a mobile device? If you are not embracing mobile, you will be sitting on the sidelines and missing a huge opportunity to engage and rally your supporters.

Check your analytics, tweak, and retry. You will start to see amazing results in building your distribution list, your donor base, and in how much information is being conveyed to your audience through their mobile devices.

What No One Is Telling You About Mobile Fundraising

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