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Understanding Mobile Tendencies

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Because the majority of your donors will arrive at your site on smartphones, you should make a concerted effort to understand their habits.

According to comScore, Americans spend an average of about 85 hours on their smartphones each month and mobile now accounts for 65 percent of all web traffic. Nearly half of that time is spent on social media, reported MediaKix, which projected people to spend more than five years of their lives on social media. To put that into perspective, they’re projected to spend more than 7 years, 8 months watching TV and more than three years eating. Social media is more popular than food.

Much of the rest of that smartphone use is spent on communication, and texting is a 2-to-1 favorite over email, according to eMarketer. Roughly 22 percent of time on a phone is spent texting and only 10 percent on email. If you’re wondering why many of your emails are deleted before ever being opened, it is because it's much easier to delete a message than to read it.

Give by Cell anticipated the shift from email to text messaging nearly a decade ago, and we have been crafting a suite of services that allow nonprofit organizations to engage their donors and volunteers on their preferred terms. Our clients meet their audiences where they already spend their time. Text messaging and mobile-friendly websites should be the backbone of your engagement strategy.

Understanding the people who want to connect with your organization will help you break through the clutter when you are trying to reach them.

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Understanding Mobile Tendencies

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