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February Blog: Turning Donors Into Volunteers

In addition to fundraising, a lot of nonprofits rely on volunteers and material donations to help meet their organization’s goals. Events and donation drives usually call for a lot of planning and, sometimes, special software.

For organizations that don’t have a dedicated event staff, mobile tools can provide an easy way to manage your events. Tools like text messaging and mobile websites are an easy way to engage and organize within your community.

Some of the solutions we’ve seen work are:

  • texting out event notices and registration details to your donor pool.
  • enrolling donors into volunteer groups when they fill out a donation form.
  • setting up a mobile-friendly registration site, so people can sign up from wherever they are

Mobile engagements provide an easy way to convert your donors into volunteers. Or turn dedicated volunteers into loyal donors.

We’ll be going over these tips and more in our upcoming webinar "Mobile Tools: More than just fundraising?". Sign up here.

February Blog: Turning Donors Into Volunteers

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