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This College Program Agrees: Mobile Really Gets Donors Engaged


Every day, educational institutions rely on cutting edge technology to help their students. They say technology is the way of the future — and it produces the best results.

That’s why countless nonprofits in the educational sector use mobile technology in their fundraising strategies. One nonprofit, College Visions in Providence, Rhode Island, uses Give by Cell’s Screencast Thermometer at its events to get donors engaged and excited to give.

“We wanted to spice up our live ask,” says fundraising consultant Joanne Rich. “We’d seen Give by Cell work at other events and it had the best price.”

Mobile lets donors text in to donate an amount and watch the funds rise in real-time on the Screencast Thermometer, making the act of giving fun and intuitive.

Give by Cell is also easy for both donors and organizations to use. Rich reports, “It was easy to reconcile donors and donations, so the after-event work was quick and easy. Give by Cell’s Mobile Donate feature saved us a lot of work.”

For years Give by Cell has partnered with educational institutions including the Southwestern College Foundation and the National Association for College Admission Counseling.

Mobile technology is one of the most effective fundraising solutions today. Sign up for a free demo today to see how mobile giving can increase your donations this fall.

Are you feeling generous? Discover how easy it is to donate via mobile! Make a donation to College Visions now by texting CVGIVE to 56512.

This College Program Agrees: Mobile Really Gets Donors Engaged

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