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The Art of Giving

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Mobile engagement is the fastest and most effective way to fundraise. Nonprofits depend on public support for continued success and mobile contributions increase the amount raised by up to 40%. For years, Give by Cell has partnered with many nonprofit organizations to provide fundraising support throughout the year and at events.

Audience Participation

Some of our clients ask event attendees to take out their phones and send a text to make a pledge or donation right on their phone. Other clients insert the “call to action” to make a mobile gift in their program.

Follow the lead of Niyoki Chapman of Unity Performing Arts Foundation in Kansas City, Indiana, and his views on mobile donating:  "We “over raised” our pledge goals and garnered four times a return on investment from the value we paid for it. It was a success for us.”

I know what you’re thinking. Unity of Performing Arts had the same question: How can you manage to get donations in the dark?
“It was dark, and I knew people weren’t going to grab their credit cards when donating. Give by Cell worked well in the night, we made contact with our audience, and we got all pledges we needed for our fundraiser.”

Give by Cell made it easy for the Unity of Performing Arts with live-updated report data and Screencast, an event thermometer that rises as donations come in. It encourages audience participation and makes it easy to see who’s donating and how much money is being accumulated:
“The reports came in as soon as people would pay, it would update with their name, number and dollar amount.”

The performance was such a huge success for the Unity of Performing Arts, that they decided for future encores:
“We will be using Give by Cell for all of the concerts here on out in the future.”

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The Art of Giving

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