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Ramp up Your School Funding this Fall with Mobile




Can mobile giving increase donations at school fundraising events? Clearly, the answer is yes -- here’s why.

Cristo Rey San José Jesuit High School (CRSJ), located in San Jose, California, used Give by Cell and its mobile technology at this year’s Rey of Hope Scholarship Event.

“We raised nearly $186,000,” reported Katie Boennighausen, Events Manager.

As attendees bid during the live auction, they could watch donations rise on Give by Cell’s screencast thermometer. With 100% of CRSJ students receiving financial assistance, every dollar spent on fundraising matters. “For the price point, it was good for us,” says Boennighausen. “We’ve had a good experience with Give by Cell.”

Mobile technology is the most effective fundraising solution today for high schools that have events to raise donations. Sign up for a free demo by clicking the button below to see if mobile giving can increase your donations this fall.



Ramp up Your School Funding this Fall with Mobile

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