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Mobile Giving for Welfare Organizations


Mobile engagement is a great way for welfare support groups to fundraise. Organizations like yours depend on public support for continued success. Give by Cell partnered with the San Francisco Child Abuse Prevention Center to help at its largest annual fundraiser where it raised tens of thousands of dollars.

"We were able to raise a significant amount of money for our work, and the Give by Cell tools streamlined our ability to that,” Individual Giving and Major Gifts Officer Ryan Hazelton said. “The ability to remind donors to fulfill their pledges sped up the collection process and increased our overall donations.”

Give by Cell is the nation’s leading provider of mobile solutions to nonprofits, with more than 2,500 clients. We empower nonprofits an ability to fundraise through text messaging, mobile websites and live Screencast thermometers.

"The back-end reporting tool helped our process go a lot smoother,” Hazelton said.

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Mobile Giving for Welfare Organizations

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