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Major Zoo Thinks Outside the Box For Fundraising Event

For large fundraising events, the key to success is usually thinking a little outside the box with a fun gimmick. Some organizations have turned their events into competitions amongst the attendees, given their attendees the option to donate to multiple causes at once. One major Mid-Atlantic zoo went with a rather creative idea: auction off not a prize, but naming (and bragging) rights to three of the zoo’s animals.

Patrons at this gala event were able to text in their pledge/bid by sending in a specified keyword of the animal of their choice. The results were broadcasted on three different screens, displaying the instructions for bidding and the progress of the bids. Each screen had the thermometer with the details of the pledges, as well as a photo of the animal that patrons were wanting to name.

The zoo turned to us for our Mobile Pledge + Screencasting package. Our Mobile Pledge technology allows for donors to text in the amount they would like to donate via a unique keyword to a specified short code. Paired with our Screencasting technology, pledging at events becomes more visual and a group activity as results and names are broadcast.

The Mid-Atlantic Zoo had a spectacular event, raising over $20,000 in pledges for their organization, and giving three new animals their names.

Major Zoo Thinks Outside the Box For Fundraising Event

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