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Quote From LifeWay Church

"A few years ago, we at LifeWay Church tried to think outside the box and come up with ways to reach our congregation where they are at, using technology. When we stumbled across Guide by Cell, we were so pleased to be able to use this for our prayer relay.

We allowed individuals to sign up for 24-hour time slots, seven days a week, to pray specifically for missions in our church. Before Guide by Cell, I was at a loss as to how to remind folks about their scheduled prayer time. I was envisioning having to email and text myself, or set up a cumbersome program using our email marketing newsletter format. Thank goodness for Guide by Cell! My work load is nil, and folks in our congregation really stop to pray when they get the text.

This technology is definitely of the future, and it is so easy for me to administer. We are now thinking about ways to use this technology to alert those on the prayer relay of specific immediate needs of prayer. For example, there is a week of prayer for international missions December 1-8. I am getting ready to queue up a message to go out to our congregation to make them aware of this opportunity.

At LifeWay Church, we are continuing to look for more ways to reach our congregation using such great technology as this. Thank you, Guide by Cell.”

Denyce Sprecher, Director of Central Support

LifeWay Church
Federal Way, WA

Quote From LifeWay Church

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