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Introducing Super Text

Text messages are limited. But thanks to multimedia messaging – MMS – text messages are no longer restrained to just words.

“Train by Cell’s MMS Super Text platform allows for greater engagement with our audience through interactive messages, photos and gifs. What a great way to interact!”

- Tammy Blackburn | Director of Alumni Engagement, SDSU

Employee Tools                                                    Management Tools

115x78_selfie Invigorate Meetings - During onboarding, sales meetings or any event ask employees to text in photos or selfies, creating a fun atmosphere.

IMG_3647 Issues - Allow your employees to report problem areas as they see them by sending a photo message to you using MMS.

tbc store display Store Display – Salespeople can take photos of how your products are being displayed in a retail environment. Great for auditing!

train mms demo Training Example - Ask employees to take photos of best practices and text in using our MMS platform.

train audioAudio Clips - CEO’s, HR Managers and Trainers can send an audio clip via text to inspire and train.

tbc service new productNew Product - Use MMS to text an image of a new product to employees and ask for feedback and/or questions via text.

tbc emergencyEmergencies - Text a photo of someone to be on the watch for, or text an image of a potential risky situation.

mms train gifGIF - Send a moving GIF and ask employees to take a quiz or poll.

Introducing Super Text

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