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Call To Donate — Text Message-Free Mobile Giving

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For years, Give by Cell has led the country in mobile giving, helping more than 4,000 nonprofits and other organizations fundraise with technology rooted in text-messaging (SMS). Using our SMS-based platform, making a donation is as simple as texting a keyword to a short-code and following a few prompts to enter the amount and a payment method.

But for certain groups of people, including those outside the continental United States, older donors and those without smartphones, texting and mobile access is not convenient or available.

That’s why we developed a new dial-in donation service for Easter Seals Puerto Rico. “Call To Donate” has proven to be wildly successful for the nonprofit, which has raised tens of thousands of dollars, so we’re offering it to everyone.

Easter Seals Puerto Rico provides medical, therapeutic and educational services to children and adults with disabilities. The organization lets clients live, learn, work and play in their communities to their maximum potential. It depends on fundraising to supplant many of its services.

The organization was already using Mobile Give, Give by Cell’s text-based fundraising service and raised several thousand dollars as donors texted to make a flat $10-donation. But not all of the organization's clients felt comfortable sending text messages, and some didn’t have the means to do so. That’s why Easter Seals asked Give by Cell to develop a call-based service.

Call To Donate allows donors to call a toll-free local phone number, follow recorded touch tone prompts (which Easter Seals staff recorded in Spanish) and make an instantaneous credit card donation. Since March 2016, the organization increased its mobile fundraising by 1,400 percent.

Easter Seals used Call To Donate at an annual telethon, and also published donating instructions as a call to action on its website.

Call To Donate works worldwide and bypasses text messaging entirely. It’s the first service of its kind anywhere and solves the problem of mobile fundraising in areas where it is more challenging to reserve a personal short-code. And it can be personalized in any language, which is beneficial to non-native English speakers.

To learn more about Call To Donate, call us at 415-997-0201 or email us at

Call To Donate — Text Message-Free Mobile Giving

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