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How To Get Your Donors In The Giving Mood This Fall


If you are a food bank in a high poverty area, how do you stand apart from similar organizations to maximize donor dollars?

Our nonprofit clients agree: writing checks and manually entering credit card information into a website doesn’t work for nonprofits anymore.

When Moveable Feast (MF) in Baltimore, Maryland heard about Give by Cell’s text to donate, they couldn’t wait to try it for themselves.

“Today, if you can't do something on your phone people won’t do it,” says Events and Social Media Manager Carin Prescott, “this is the best way for people to donate.”

MF also uses Give by Cell at special events where donors can add messages to their donations and see it go up in real-time. Prescott reports, “People want to help and Give by Cell is the easiest way to make it happen.”

For years Give by Cell has partnered with nonprofits including Children’s Hunger Relief Fund and Care & Share Food Bank to help them continue their important work.

Mobile technology is the most effective fundraising solution today. Sign up for a free demo by clicking the button below to see if mobile giving can increase your donations this fall.

Are you feeling generous? Discover how easy it is to donate via mobile! Make a donation to Moveable Feast now by texting FEAST to 56512.

How To Get Your Donors In The Giving Mood This Fall

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