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Helping Disadvantaged Communities Meet Their Needs


For years, Give by Cell has partnered with many youth welfare organizations to provide fundraising support, and our clients discover that mobile engagement is a great way to fundraise. Nonprofits depend on public support for continued success.

Give by Cell recently partnered with Children Mending Hearts in Los Angeles. The nonprofit’s two-fold mission is to use art to teach empathy and compassion to youths in disadvantaged neighborhoods and to provide a global education by connecting Los Angeles youths with others in disadvantaged countries like Syria and Haiti.

“With potential federal budget cuts to arts education, fundraising is more important than ever,” Communications Director Roya Alt said. “We rely on private support.”

Another Give by Cell partner, HealthRight International, recently raised thousands of dollars using our  Mobile Donate and Mobile Pledge services and the Screencast fundraising thermometer at a live event to generate excitement. The organization has a goal to empower marginalized communities to live healthy lives.

Children Mending Hearts chose Give by Cell to increase its pool of potential donors by enabling them to make donations instantly wherever they are in the world. By simply texting a keyword to a shortcode, a donation or pledge can be made in seconds. Try it for yourself! Text “EMPATHY” to 56512 for a live demo or to make a donation to Children Mending Hearts.

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Helping Disadvantaged Communities Meet Their Needs

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