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Cow spray painted with QR Code to promote dairy farming

A Leicestershire dairy cow with a digital QR Code spray-painted on its side is being used to promote the UK dairy industry.

The barcode on the side of Friesian cow Lady Shamrock, which can be scanned by phone, links directly to a blog of her daily routine.

“We had this wacky idea to put a code on one of our cows,” farmer Jane Barnes, of Somerby, said.

Lady Shamrock’s milk is used to make the local Stilton cheese.

“When people are walking on our farm… they can get their iPhone and zap the cow in question,” Mrs Barnes said.

The barcode links to the This Is Dairy Farming website which features a blog by Lady Shamrock and the challenges facing dairy farming.

Lady Shamrock’s Diary

Lady Shamrock on the way to pasture

  • Produces about 30-40 litres of milk a day
  • Grazes outdoors during the summer and stays indoors during the winter
  • Likes a good back scratch
  • Takes about 17 gallons of her milk to produce a 16lb Stilton
  • Loves to follow a daily routine

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Cow spray painted with QR Code to promote dairy farming

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