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See How Mobile Helps Build Your Donor List

A How-To For Growing Your Donor List Through Mobile Technology


Your mobile fundraising campaigns can only be effective with an extensive list of donors, but how do you collect these contacts?

Promoting your keyword and short code is KEY. Why? With Give by Cell’s mobile tools, every time a donor texts in, their information is stored in your client dashboard, ready and waiting for more donor engagement.

What if someone is not quite ready to donate, but wants more information? People can opt-in by simply texting your keyword to the short code, no donation necessary. Plus, Give by Cell offers FREE unlimited secondary keywords, allowing people to text-in to join lists to receive information.

Try it out: Text Charity to 56512
How does it work?

Here's an example: If your fundraising keyword is CHARITY, Give by Cell's texting platform allows you to create customized lists for specific groups by adding a secondary keyword:

  • Text CHARITY VOLUNTEER to receive information on volunteer opportunities
  • Text CHARITY IMPACT to receive our latest impact stories
  • Text CHARITY EVENTS to receive information on our upcoming events
  • Text CHARITY BOARD to receive information for organization board members


So what are the best ways
to promote your keyword and short code?


Social Media
By far the most popular call-to-action, promote your keyword on social media so your followers can reshare, widening your net of supporters.



Email Signature
Ask all employees to add your keyword to their email signature — you never know who may be inspired to text in a quick donation!




Direct Mail
Add a call-to-action on your existing mailers prompting your donors to sign up to receive text message alerts.





Whether on a billboard or bus stop, signage never goes out of style. Make sure your signs are eye-catching with a clear call-to-action.




Broaden Your Donor Engagement Strategy
with Text Messaging

Now that you’ve got your list of donor cellphone numbers, use text messaging to amplify communication. With open rates at 95% and higher, a text message will reach your donors instantly on the device that’s always in their hand.

Here are some examples of text messages you can send your donors:

Before Your Event
• Schedule multiple reminders via text message
• Text links with your donation page in case a donor can’t make the event
• Text a link to a contact collection form
• Conduct a poll to assess which campaigns have the most interest
• Send a series of texts of what to expect during your event


After Your Event
• Send personalized thank you text to your donors for attending
• For pledged contributions, send a polite reminder text to
complete their donation
• Text out a schedule of upcoming events
• Share impact stories via text and tell donors how the funds were used



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See How Mobile Helps Build Your Donor List

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