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Ask A Mobile Expert

Mobile fundraising has definitely been a rising trend in the last few years, but many charities are unsure of how to get started. In this edition of "Ask A Mobile Expert," we tackle the questions we've received from charities around the United States looking to get started.

Q: Our current fundraising techniques have been in place for years, why should we try to branch out to use mobile?
A: Mobile donations are just another means to an end. Mobile fundraising has been growing so well because it’s as easy as putting dollar bills into a bucket. Users simply text in a keyword and they either are sent a link to fill out a secure form, or have their donations added to their phone bills. Not everyone carries cash or a check, but everyone carries a phone. When you make your "ask," everyone in attendance can respond immediately if they choose.

Q: We only have one event per year and think we would not use the service besides that. Should we adopt mobile?
A: Clearly at your event mobile has the potential to be highly engaging, especially with our screencast service. Regarding the use of mobile throughout the year, adopting mobile depends on a few factors. If you don't have any campaigns throughout the year, then a year-long service might not make sense. But if you are utilizing social media campaigns, email campaigns or are hosting other smaller events, going mobile is a great solution. It provides the perfect way to collect donations and attendee contacts on the spot.

Q: Yikes! We have an event in 1 week, is it too late to set something up?
A: Certainly not! The first thing we can set up is our screencast service. All of your attendees can make donations or pledges and see their results on

Ask A Mobile Expert

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