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2 Creative Mobile Fundraising Strategies

Planning fundraising events for organizations are always a little daunting and can leave the planners sticking to tried and true methods. However, two different organizations went for more innovative techniques for their events giving them great success.

The Veritas Forum and the Tech Museum of Innovation took their major fundraising events to grand heights this year by trying on a new angle.


First Strategy:
The Veritas Forum Uses Competition for Gain


Veritas Forum call to action

For The Veritas Forum, the organizing team went with a competition-type of fundraiser. Using our screencasting services, the team decided to have four different thermometers, each representing a different area of work. Each thermometer was presented in a skit, enticing guests to use their pledges to vote for a particular division of the organization. Though each thermometer had it’s own keyword to text in, the proceeds all went to the same place. Christie Veth, the Development Coordinator, reported back to us, “Our donors really enjoyed texting in their pledges – the Give by Cell platform added great value to our event.”


Second Strategy:
Tech Museum Sets Time Challenge


Tech museum fundraiser event

Photo credit: Jakub Moser and Erin Lubin

The Tech Museum of Innovation, true to its name, went with a different technique. Their annual event, the Tech Awards, is a large gala, with anywhere from 1,200-1,300 people in attendance. Also using our pledge + screen cast combo, the Tech Awards decided to give their audience a time challenge, that is, give their donors a strict time frame in which to send in donations. Displaying the instructions and having past award winners do a pitch, donors had 3 minutes to send in their donations. This year, the Tech Museum pulled in around 200 pledges in just 3 minutes. “We like that it’s easy for consumers to use and impressive to our audiences,” said Jessica Christie, Director of Individual Giving.

Both events went with compelling uses of our technologies to great success, with both hitting their goals and creating a memorable events for their guests.



2 Creative Mobile Fundraising Strategies

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