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Understanding Mobile Tendencies

Because the majority of your donors will arrive at your site on smartphones, you should make a concerted effort to understand their habits.[…]

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State of the Internet: Mobile Has Become King

The annual report that dubbed “the most anticipated slide deck of the year” is back. Each year, Mary Meeker of Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers presents her internet trends report, a meekly titled but hugely important and hotly anticipated evaluation that realistically deserves the title “State of the Internet.”[…]

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Discover How We Compare Against the Field

Give by Cell offers the widest, most-comprehensive suite of mobile fundraising services for nonprofits and charitable organizations. From donations by text message and phone call, to pledges, to our poplar Screencast fundraising thermometer and the ability of donors to pay using credit cards or through their phone bill, we cover all your needs. Find out how we compare to the competition with this comprehensive guide.[…]

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2 Creative Mobile Fundraising Strategies

Planning fundraising events for organizations are always a little daunting and can leave the planners sticking to tried and true methods. However, two different organizations went for more innovative techniques for their events giving them great success.[…]

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January Blog: Donor Engagement

In the last two years, mobile fundraising has begun to get traction with nonprofit organizations. The hurdle to overcome for NPOs isn't for donors to make their donations via mobile, anymore; it’s to turn one-time donors into repeat donors.[…]

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Community Helps Family In Need with Mobile Fundraising

When the Beck Motor Company in Pierre SD heard about local five-month old twins who were diagnosed with leukemia, owner Trace Beck wanted to help. “There was already a Kickstarter campaign in place, but I wanted to do more,” said Beck. That's when Beck discovered mobile fundraising with Give by Cell.[…]

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What No One Is Telling You About Mobile Fundraising

Give by Cell has provided mobile services to more than 3,000 NPOs – we have learned what works and doesn’t work. I want to share the three important ways to succeed regarding the use of mobile services by NPOs.[…]

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Nonprofits Should Bake Mobile Into Technology Stratagy

Although mobile phones have been around for more than a decade now, many charitable organizations have yet to take the mobile leap. Often times, these organizations are just not sure how best to implement a mobile strategy.[…]

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7 Critical Mobile Fundraising Trends for Nonprofits

Over the last couple of years, mobile’s traction has not slowed down! In fact, mobile penetration grows more and more each year in the United States, and on a global scale. Because of its significant presence in the world of today, mobile has become a very useful tool for institutions to reach out and communicate with their audiences. In fact, if nonprofits want to successfully engage current and future generations of donors, it’s crucial that they learn to communicate with them through the right channels. And whoever your audience might be, chances are they have a mobile phone in their pocket right now.[…]

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Storytelling at the heart of a campaign

For many charities, personal stories are at the heart of their campaigns. Case in point: Aspire Public Schools, a charter school system serving students in low-income areas. The group recently launched their College for Certain Fund at a fundraising dinner.[…]

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