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Discover How We Compare Against the Field

Give by Cell offers the widest, most-comprehensive suite of mobile fundraising services for nonprofits and charitable organizations. From donations by text message and phone call, to pledges, to our poplar Screencast fundraising thermometer and the ability of donors to pay using credit cards or through their phone bill, we cover all your needs. Find out how we compare to the competition with this comprehensive guide.[…]

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Halloween Fun

Some days in the office, we just need a bit of silliness and good ol'fun. And what better day to do that than on Halloween-- ok, the day before Halloween.[…]

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Mobile Fundraising Insights from Dave Asheim

As mobile technology has expanded in its capacities, so has the opportunities for Mobile Fundraising. We at Give by Cell have had a front row to this ever changing landscape and now CEO Dave Asheim is sharing those insights.[…]

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