The Weingart Center Association uses Give by Cell’s Mobile Fundraising in ‘Chalk’ Campaign

Jun 14, 2012 3:38:21 PM

The Weingart Center Association uses Give by Cell’s Mobile Fundraising in ‘Chalk’ Campaign

San Francisco, CA – June 7, 2012—The Weingart Center Association has partnered with Give by Cell, a mobile technology solutions provider with a focus on mobile fundraising, in an initiative to help the homeless population in the Los Angeles area. Through Give by Cell’s Mobile Give service, supporters may text “HOMELESSLA” to 20222 to donate $10, with the charge applied to their mobile phone bill, to help the organization better the lives of people in need.

“We want to empower and transform lives,” said Jordy Altman, a Development team member. “We want to break the cycle of homelessness.”

The organization has released a video called “Chalk,” which depicts street artist, John Stevens, sketching couches, living rooms and beds around homeless volunteers. A sign with their Mobile Give phone number and keyword is clearly visible, telling people passing by to text in and help. The video was made possible through the creative agency, David&Goliath, who works with both large companies and small non-profits to create advertisements and promotional videos.

The YouTube video description says, “We gave people a glimpse at a better tomorrow. A look at what a difference they can make if they simply changed their perspective.”

“Some people choose to walk by the homeless and pay them no attention – this video encourages those passersby to change their perspective.” said Altman.

To watch the video, please click here.

The Weingart Center Association wants to release a new video each month, bringing attention to their cause and to their Mobile Giving platform. The money raised through the campaign will help fund residential homeless programs, permanent housing and counseling. The next video in the series, scheduled for release in July, will be called “Coffins.”

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