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Maximize Fundraising with QR Codes

Thousands of non-profit organizations are driving donations from Smartphone users through QR codes.

A QR Code is a two-dimensional barcode, now appearing on wall labels, brochures, and all forms of marketing and educational material. Once scanned, the QR code can lead the visitor to targeted content relating to your non-profit organization or a pre-populated text message for your mobile giving campaign.

Don't know what a QR Code is? Watch our video below.

QR Codes are growing trend in mobile fundraising. However, without a mobile website customized for smaller mobile screens, the message is often hard to read and navigate. The success of a QR campaign lies within building a professional, functional mobile website.

Top five ways non-profits use QR Codes:

  • Mobile Website - Connect your QR Code to your mobile website with a plethora, multimedia and information about your organization.
  • Donations - Link donors to pre-populated texts to contribute to your charity through any of our mobile donation solutions - Mobile Give, Mobile Donate and Mobile Pledge. For more information, please clickhere.
  • Live Events - Promote your event by linking details and information to your QR Code for the latest updates.
  • Promotion - Advertise your QR Code in unique places with stickers on billboards, walls and pamphlets to spread the word about your organization's mission.
  • Social Media - Connect instantly to any of your social media networks like Twitter or Facebook for more followers and likes.

At Guide by Cell, we believe mobile technology is the future of information sharing and interactive experiences. As one of the largest mobile fundraising solution providers in the world, our sister division, Give by Cell, offers three-main mobile giving platforms that include Mobile Give, Mobile Pledge and Mobile Donate. To learn more about these solutions, please click here. To find out more about mobile websites and QR Codes, please click here.

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Jessica Dal Porto
Director of Marketing
Give by Cell
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Maximize Fundraising with QR Codes

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