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CURESEARCH for Children´s Cancer



Every year it’s harder to compete for contributions from the growing
number of NPOs all asking for an increased level of donation.

The CureSearch for Children’s Cancer (CCC), a non-profit in Bethesda,
Maryland, has adopted mobile giving as its answer to this problem.

“We wanted to find another avenue for our supporters,” says Brecka
Putnam, Senior Manager of Campaign Development. “We use Give by Cell
for a variety of fundraising events.” Through Give by Cell, CCC can reach
the donors needed to help children continue to fight for their lives.
With mobile giving, donors, new and existing, can simply take out their cell
phones and make an instant donation. This is very effective at fundraising
events and helpful when using email and social media to reach new

For years Give by Cell has partnered with cancer research-related
nonprofits like The American Cancer Society and the Dana-Farber
Cancer Institute to help their organizations reach new audiences and
increase donations.
Mobile technology is the most effective fundraising solution.

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CURESEARCH for Children´s Cancer

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