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Creating a Mobile Strategy: Reach Your Audience On the Go

Reach your audience on the go. If you haven’t created a mobile site yet your customers can only view your website probably when sitting down at their computer. What do I mean? Your website might be hard or impossible to navigate using a mobile device. Mobile browsing is about the user experience; giving your customers a good experience when visiting your site. Smartphone traffic will boost your overall sales. Become more accessible to your target audience and increase customer loyalty by being available whenever and wherever they want to access your site. Follow these steps to create a mobile strategy.

  • Mobile SEO: Don’t be wordy; think short blog post headlines for your copy. Don’t merely scale down your website; use best practice concerning the user experience and scale to fit your content.
  • “Smart” Website Integration: If someone looks at your normal website on their phone, they should be automatically redirected to the mobile version.
  • Social Network Integration: Increase your social networking by promoting your social media sites, like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and your blog. More mobile user are using their devices to access these sites.
  • Click-to-Call Buttons and Links: With one click of a button it allows visitor to call or text a sales rep, customer service or even you immediately.
  • Lead Capture and Contact Us Forms: Create a simple easy form for visitors to sign up for a newsletter or download a white paper. Remember your mobile site is and extension of your website; you want a quick call to action. Many mobile browsers don’t have much time to browse your site because they’re on the move. Make it clear and easy for them to do what you want….capture their information and engage them!
  • Maps to your Place of Business: Make it easy for them to find your business by integrating Google maps to your location. Direct traffic right to your doorstep.


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Creating a Mobile Strategy: Reach Your Audience On the Go

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